Guru's Song

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18” x 24” | Limited Edition of 100 | Giclee on 308 GSM Hahnemuhle Photo Rag | Hand Signed and Numbered
Encapsulated within life’s most challenging moments lurks the opportunity to taste truth and freedom.

At some point in life we all experience loss, be it a job, relationship, a loved one passing on, or even our ability to socialize freely with one another. In opening our hearts and minds, and accepting whatever the outcome may be during these times, a person becomes less reliant on circumstance being favourable in order to feel complete or fulfilled.

May you walk, dear viewer, through the fire of pain and suffering unreservedly and without judgement, harnessing the light of the flame and using it to illuminate the path to freedom, all the while becoming a beacon of love for all those whose lives you touch!

Love yourself absolutely, accept all that arrives at the doorstep of your mind without prejudice. You will quickly realize that you are and always have been the guru of your own self!!